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Lego Heroica Castle Fortaan 3860 (age: 8 Years And Up)

Heroica Castle Fortaan 38604 Star Rating
Heroica Castle Fortaan 3860
Kids Of Any Age Will Love To Construct With The Heroica Castle Fortaan 3860 From Lego

I certainly liked that the Lego set has the feature of included are 304 lego pieces, rules booklet and poster. Other features include things like building instructions included. It has a weight of 9 lbs. The UPC, also known as the "Universal Product Code" for this is 165358673419. Shopping for Heroica Castle Fortaan 3860 , select the link below.

lego heroica castle fortaan series exciting

Price: $114.95

Product Description

Castle Fortaan 3860 is a single in a series of exciting HEROICA LEGO adventure games. Play Castle Fortaan by itself or combine it with other HEROICA game locales for an epic experience. Roll the buildable LEGO die to travel the course, battle monsters, seek treasure, and complete the mission. This expandable role-playing adventure game is designed for two to four players. Build the castle scene with custom LEGO bricks, setting the stage for your heroes.


  • Included are 304 lego pieces, rules booklet and poster
  • The goblin king has captured castle fortaan
  • Building instructions included
  • An expandable world of adventure for 2? 4 players
  • Units: 1
  • Weight: 9 lbs.
  • Package Weight: 11 lbs.

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